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Wolstenholme International offers more than 18 years of experience importing Baltic Birch plywood from our mills in Russia, and brings the vast resources that Russia has to offer, to your door.

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From yachts to kayaks, our marine grade plywood has been trusted by the best names in the business. We offer solutions for any project requiring a marine plywood grade designation.

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Wolstenholme International is one of North America’s largest importer of FSC-certified hardwood plywood, providing solutions for your furniture, cabinet, millwork, and marine applications.

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Wolstenholme International has built intimate relationships with the rail companies, the shipping companies, the freight-forwarders, the warehouses, the trucking companies…and, of course, our customers.

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Marine Plywood

Wolstenholme International offers a range of imported marine plywood panels to meet the needs of boat builders, yacht manufacturers, and pleasure-craft hobbyists, with the highest quality plywood available on the market today.
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FSC® Certified Baltic Birch

Wolstenholme International offers customers a diverse range of Forest Stewardship Council certified Baltic Birch plywood options for any application.
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